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Full Facial Balancing Approach at Aesthetic Nirvana

When approaching injectable treatments for facial balancing, it’s important to consider a holistic approach that incorporates not only dermal fillers and neurotoxin, but also medical-grade skincare and skin treatments like microneedling and laser procedures.

The BEAUTIFUL thing about the Full Facial Balancing aka FFB approach is how customizable it is and how easy it makes it to maintain on an annual basis

Gone  are the days of over-filling areas and pillow faces and now we know that the most beautiful results are tailored to that particular patient’s gorgeous features, anatomy, and natural structure

FFB combines multiple modalities including neurotoxin (Botox), dermal fillers, biostimulators (Sculptra, PRP, exosomes), medical-grade skincare, and skin treatments such as annual laser treatments, microneedling, and chemical peels to achieve the most gorgeous, natural resultsDermal fillers can be used to restore volume and contour the face, while neurotoxin treatments can help relax specific muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Combining these with medical-grade skincare can help maintain and enhance the results of the injectable treatments.

Additionally, skin treatments such as microneedling can stimulate collagen production, improving skin texture and overall appearance. Laser treatments can also address specific concerns like pigmentation, redness, and skin laxity.

By taking a full facial balancing approach, individuals can achieve comprehensive and natural-looking results that address various aspects of facial aging and skin quality. It’s essential to consult with an advanced injector who can assess individual needs and create a customized treatment plan for optimal results.

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